Release Notes

  • Release 1.0.2 (released October 30th, 2012)[+]
    Tagging at its best combined with an appealing, super fast 3D document browser.

    Organize your documents just like you think and quickly access or preview your "Thoughts" in an easy to handle, powerful 3D browser. Import any kind of documents into Thouggle with several library browsers. Rearrange them in Thoughts or Smart Thoughts just by dragging a selection of it onto the Thought. No rigid folder structures and no duplicated documents anymore. The innovative Thought view provides a quick access to thousands of your Thoughts with ease and no clutter.

    Made for a Mac only.

    --- HIGHLIGHTS ---

    • Beautiful 3D browser reveals your documents in a different light
    • Let you tag and find your documents in a blink
    • Highly performant in all aspects
    • OpenMeta compatibility
    • App Sandbox protects your data reliably against damage
    • Special feature: Address Book browser
    • Usability enhancement with sophisticated animation effects

    --- USED FOR ---

    • organizing and accessing documents intuitively (no limits)
    • browsing libraries (iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Address Book, Safari bookmarks) without opening the associated application, ultra fast and beautiful.
    • planning and structuring personal projects
    • building up your personal knowledge base
    • setup and control any workflow in school, studies or small businesses

    --- FEATURES ---

    • Special focus on performance and user experience
    • Your file structure in the Finder is not touched at all
    • Thouggle finds linked documents even when renamed or moved in Finder
    • Documents can be opened in the associated application with double-click
    • Spotlight supports search for Thoughts
    • Extended OpenMeta tag (Thought) management including import of OpenMeta tags and global deletion of OpenMeta tags on all linked files
    • Web bookmarks show the content of the current web page (when connected to internet)
    • Highly customizable in look and feel

    Library Browser:
    • Add or remove iTunes, iPhoto, Aperture, Safari bookmarks, Address Book or personal folder libraries to the sidebar
    • Access your document in the exact same way you structured it in the associated application
    • Add important personal folders to the sidebar for direct access
    • Open any kind of document or folder in Thouggle with Open panel.
    • Pictures hold in Aperture libraries can be tagged
    • Lazy loading of libraries reduce startup time considerably

    Thought Browser:
    • Easy Thought management. Add new or existing Thoughts to the sidebar with a click or remove a Thought from the sidebar without deleting it permanently
    • Define SmartThoughts with a rule editor. Nested rules (Any, All, None) are supported.
    • Auto-completion for existing Thoughts and SmartThoughts
    • Provides a "Recently used Thoughts" list
    • Change order of Thoughts by dragging, structure Thoughts with folders

    3D browser:
    • Two different views: An image browser and a label cloud
    • Supports Quick Look preview of documents
    • Shows the actual content of your documents to find it in a blink
    • Double-click on an asset opens it in the associated application
    • Filters documents by label and type
    • Prioritized document display supported
    • Several animations facilitate the user experience
    • Mouse (Trackpad) and keyboard steering supported
    • Zooming, panning, moving of single or multiple documents supported
    • Paging for large document sets supported (page size configurable)
    • Fully customizable in color, font and node properties
    • Multi image dragging, the beautiful new feature in OS X Lion 10.7, with different image formations

    Info panel:
    • Provides star rating for all documents
    • Displays common document attributes
    • Supports Thought management for single or multiple selection
    • Add Rtf-Notes as metadata to a document
    • Shows the document's location in the Finder

  • Release 1.1 (released in December 2012)[+]
    --- NEW FEATURES ---

    1. Enhanced for the MacBook Pro with Retina display

    2. Share your Thoughts, star ratings or notes with other members of a family or company network or on the internet (via Cloud services)

    3. Synchronize metadata with local data store for selected or all libraries in the sidebar (with the new synchronize button)

    4. General Preferences: Selection of "Document Quality" added

    5. Simplified Thought management with enriched information and functionality
    - Columns for "Last Updated" date and "Number of linked Files" added
    - Column sorting added
    - Add Thoughts directly to the sidebar from the Management sheet
    - Thought management sheet layout improved and made sizable
    - Automatic data store cleaning


    1. Overall performance and usability improvements
    2. Attention! Trackball steering and drag-selection activation switched
    - Start trackball steering with mouse click on background
    - Start drag selection with CMD-key pressed and mouse click on background
    3. Thought view: edit of Thought name refreshes the browser view immediately
    4. Safari Bookmarks library: links to files on the file system skipped (sandbox doesn't allow access)
    5. Browser view: Search field is cleared when displayed documents are changing

    Bug fixing and more …

  • Release 1.2 (released January 10th, 2013)[+]
    --- NEW FEATURES ---

    • Integrated Quick Look preview. Step through your documents in preview mode with ease using arrow keys, swipes or mouse scroll wheel.
    • Node selection in browser view supported by mouse wheel, arrow keys and horizontal swipes.
    • Node moving and node zooming added . Image quality increases, when node is zoomed.


    • Scenery refresh corrected on Thouggle startup.
    • Scenery animation state improved (keep runtime animation state when user change default values)
    • Safari Bookmark loading performance improved (no blocking of main thread).
    • Color adjustments on light background improved: Node labels, progress indicators, paging slider, scenery header adapted
    • Improved view focus handling withTAB key. Tab-Key switches between Library section, Tags section and browser view.
    • and more…
  • Release 1.3 (released March 8th, 2013)[+]
    This release is highly recommended for all users. It adds important functionality to Thouggle that improves the users productivity. The performance is improved dramatically and it fixes a lot of bugs.

    --- NEW FEATURES ---

    • Reuse all your thoughts you have already put in structuring your content on your Mac. Import project and album names of your photo libraries, playlist names of your music libraries, group names in your AddressBook, Safari bookmark folders and any folder names in the Finder as Thoughts to Thouggle.
    • Import OpenMeta tags from other applications. All documents on the file system containing user tags, star ratings or user notes can be imported into Thouggle's data store.
    • Thouggle now fully supports document dragging in both directions (to and from Thouggle) including any type of content files, web links, contacts and message files (mails). Directly tag or rate dropped files.
    • Shared service menu introduced. All kind of documents can be shared easily with others.
    • Performance of Thought management (metadata read / write, document search) dramatically improved. Thouggle can now handle ten thousands of Thoughts and linked documents with ease and ultra fast.
    • Sort documents in the 3D browser view by different properties.


    • Usability improved.
      • Drag and drop from and to Thouggle fully functional.
      • Drop operations are confirmed with a feedback window.
      • Lengthy imports can be interrupted any time.
      • Useful hints in dialogs support first time user.
      • "Select All" and "Select All Visible Nodes" introduced
      • Favorite folders in the sidebar are automatically updated when changes in these folders are made by other applications
      • renaming of GUI elements for clarity
      • general performance improvements
    • A lot of bug fixing.
      • File Import: file packages can now be imported as single files.
      • Trackball behavior corrected (no jumps anymore).
      • Filtering of large document sets corrected
      • Paging scroller position and selection updates correctly when returning from preview mode.
      • DoubleClick on node corrected for multiple selections
      • Spinning controls enhanced and corrected.
      • Tree navigation by keyboard corrected.
      • and a lot more fixed…
    • Internal structures refactored to support highly optimized access of Thoughts.
  • Release 1.3.1 (released April 8th 2013)[+]
    Release 1.3.1 further improves the user experience with Thouggle in different areas. Unified sidebar item handling, a lot more popovers to define subtasks, full support of gestures and more…

    --- NEW FEATURES ---

    1. Full support of gestures in 3D browser. Zoom in/out with magnification gesture, use three-finger swipes for paging (User preferences has to be set correctly), use smart magnification to center documents in browser view or preview and use the quick look gesture (three-finger click) to open the details dialog for the selected documents.

    2. Unified management of items in the sidebar. Any item in the sidebar (Librarries and Thoughts) can be added or removed with the sidebar button (+/- button).

    3. Library import refresh can be defined in a popover (opens by pressing refresh button on Library Browser items). The popover shows also the library location on the file system.

    4. Auto-start flag for time-based documents (movie, sound etc) added to preview view. This makes Thouggle a very fast sound or movie browser.

    5. Document filter improved: New the filter criteria can be defined in a popover with instant update of filtered documents.

    6. Cmd+F implemented: New a document search can be started with Cmd+F. Quickly search for a Thought and its linked documents without adding it to the sidebar. Additionally define an advanced search with a rule editor.


    • Sidebar can be toggled now (Option+Cmd+S)
    • Open "Manage Thoughts…" sheet with shortcut (Option+Cmd+M)
    • Bug in iTunes parser corrected
    • Import of libraries improved (kernel resources released as early as possible)
    • Refactoring of library importers (less dependency code)

  • Release 1.3.2 (coming soon)[+]
    Release 1.3.2 is mainly a bug fixing release with improvements in performance and usability. The data store is migrated (new format for file locations) at the first start of the Release 1.3.2., which will take some time, if the data store has a lot of entries.

    --- NEW FEATURES ---

    1. The metadata system (Thoughts, ratings, notes of a file) is self-repairing meaning that unintended metadata lost on the file system is repaired with the entries in the data store. Unintended metadata lost can occur, when files are edited with other applications (e.g. Adobe applications delete all metadata on a file before the application writes its own metadata to the file).

    2. Documents can now also be removed (unlinked) from a Thought in preview mode. The update of the view with the remaining documents is handled correctly as well as the selection.

    3. Packaged file types and applications can be imported and linked to Thoughts.

    4. The file import (via sidebar and/or drag and drop) has been limited to linkable files only. The user needs read/write access on files, that can be linked to Thoughts, therefore only files with these access rights are imported.


    • Bug fixed, that in some cases delivers to many files when a search for all linked files of a Thought is performed. The data store is migrated to new file location format at the first start of Release 1.3.2.
    • Import performance drastically improved. Even very large libraries or folders can be imported now in a very reasonable time.
    • SmartThoughts without a search definition return no documents anymore (until now those SmartThoughts returned all documents).
    • Documents filter improved and enhanced.
    • The selection is updated correctly after removing documents from a Thought.
    • Data store cleanup improved. Thoughts without any linked document are removed when application is closed.
    • Some data store requests have been accelerated.