Finder enhancement
Finder icon
Thouggle puts an additional layer of organization to your Mac. It lets you organize all your documents just the way you think without altering your file structure in the Finder at all. That means, with Thouggle you can group your documents as "Thoughts" and in parallel keep working with your file structure in the Finder. Thouggle also keeps track of all linked documents that have been renamed or moved in the Finder.
All in one
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Browse and access all your documents, pictures, sounds, contacts, mails etc. in one application. Thouggle provides library browsers for iPhoto, Aperture, iTunes, Address Book and Safari bookmarks and lets you add any Finder folder to the document library. All library browsers present your assets exactly the same way you structured it in the associated library application, directly in the sidebar and ultra-fast.
Keyboard navigation
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Thouggle fully supports keyboard navigation. Shortcuts are defined for all important commands. Control the navigation in the sidebar tree as well as in the 3D browser with keyboard. Additionally basic gestures like swipes or scrolling are supported for trackpads. More about keyboard shortcuts here.
Thought management
Thought tag icon
Thouggle lets you manage all your Thoughts with ease. Documents can be added to Thoughts by drag and drop or copy paste. An intuitive Thought view lets you quickly manipulate existing or new Thoughts, making it easy to have only your currently active Thoughts at your fingertips.
Share your Thoughts
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Share your Thoughts with others in your family or company network or on the internet. In OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion the handy share service menu button is available letting you easily share any document with others. Thoughts can be shared as a whole with other users in a local network or with dedicated cloud services (Dropbox).
OpenMeta compliant
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Thouggle fully supports the OpenMeta initiative including user tags, star rating for any kind of documents as well as RTF notes up to 2000 bytes. Most likely the first sandboxed OpenMeta compliant application on the market.
Designed to Perform
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Thouggle is highly performant, distributing the tasks across all available cores, resulting in the best possible performance for your computer. All tasks with no user interactions are performed in the background keeping Thouggle responsive for your work. Additionally the GPU-based 3D browser renders your documents in high resolution and in real-time...
App Sandbox
Sandboxed application icon
Thouggle takes full advantage of the new security feature of Apple, the sandboxed application. It gives you full control about how Thouggle can interact with your system and what data can be accessed. And it provides a last line of defense against stolen, corrupted, or deleted user data, if malicious code exploits your app.
Fully customizable
Customize icon
Customize the sidebar for your needs. Add new libraries or important folders to the sidebar for a permanent access or remove not used libraries.
Thouggle provides also a great deal of flexibility in the look and feel of the 3D browser. Users can change colors, fonts, page size, animation and many other attributes of the browser to meet their needs.
Quick Look support
QuickLook icon
Thouggle fully supports the Quick Look technology to preview any kind of documents. Quick Look is fully integrated into the 3D browser allowing you to preview the complete document content of any type.
Spotlight support
Spotlight icon
Thoughts can be searched with Spotlight allowing you to show the linked files also in the Finder. How to configure Spotlight to support Thoughts can be found in the "Frequently Asked Questions".