Frequently Asked Questions

For a quick introduction to the basics of Thouggle, please see the Getting Started guide.
The FAQ answers questions about Thouggle and related topics like 'metadata', 'spotlight' and others.
  • What exactly does Thouggle for me?[+]
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    Thouggle let's you organize your text documents, photos, movies, songs, emails, addresses, web bookmarks and many more just like you think. It reduces the time to access your assets considerable with the concept of Thoughts, which group together documents of your choice. No more endless browsing through folder hierarchies. No more limitations in filing your assets in a rememberable and logical structure. A couple of clicks and you're there.

    Additionally it displays your assets in a mind-blowing 3D browser (different views) with filter possibilities, document prioritization and supporting animations. All that just to find, preview and access your assets even faster.
  • What are the minimal system requirements to run Thouggle?[+]
    You need in minimum OS X 10.7.3 (Lion, including OpenGL 2.1) installed, a 64 bit processor and a graphics card supporting multisample rendering (anti-aliasing), which actually isn't a problem on newer Macs. 2GB of memory is the minimum requirement. But for an intense use of pictures and movies 4GB or more are preferable.

    Thouggle's performance and memory usage has ben tested on the following Macs without any problems: MacBook 13" (late 2009) with 2GB + 4GB memory, MacBook Pro 17" (early 2009) with 4 GB memory, MacMini (early 2009) with 2GB memory.

    Thouggle has successfully been tested on OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).
  • Where can I buy Thouggle?[+]
    Thouggle can be purchased only in the Mac App Store. The price is 19 CHF.
  • Is there a trial version for Thouggle?[+]
    No, unfortunately we do not provide a trial version at this time.

    But we are very positive that we made a really fair price for the benefits you gain with Thouggle. If you have doubts, read more about Thouggle on this web page and watch the movie in the 3D Browser documentation.
  • How can I search my Thoughts in Spotlight?[+]
    If you have enabled Spotlight for OpenMeta attributes (see previous Questions) you can search for your Thoughts (OpenMeta tags) in Spotlight as follows:
    • Click CMD+SPACE
      The Spotlight search in the upper right corner of your Mac is opened.
    • Enter tag:"Thought name" and press Return
      All documents linked to the given Thought name are displayed in the drop down list and can be previewed and accessed.
    A second possibility is to search directly in the finder window:
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    • Press CMD+F with the Finder window activated
      The Spotlight rule editor is displayed at the top of the Finder window.
    • Click on button Kind -> Options… at the left of the rule editor
      A sheet with a list of all available Spotlight attributes appears.
    • Add "open meta" into the search field at the top right side
      You should see six OpenMeta attributes. If you don't see these attributes, start the application "Thouggle" once. This should activate these attributes. Reopen the sheet with the Spotlight attributes in the Finder (CMD+F). If you still don't see the OpenMeta attributes go to the previous question and follow these steps.
    • Enable at least the Tags attribute and click OK
      The Tags attribute will be available in the rule editor now.
    • Choose the Tags entry in the rule editor and type in a Thought name in the edit field (see image)
      All assets contained in the Thought are displayed in the Finder.
  • Spotlight search for Thoughts is not working, what shall I do?[+]
    The reason is that the OpenMeta spotlight importer is not installed or the OpenMeta search attributes are not enabled. Follow the steps below to fix your problem.
    • Start the Terminal application (find in folder /Applications/Utilities)
      The Terminal window appears, where you can enter command lines.
    • Enter the following command: mdimporter -L
      A list of all installed Spotlight importers is printed.
    • Look for an entry in the printed list ending with "…/OpenMetaSpotlight.mdimporter"
      If you don't see such an entry, the OpenMeta Spotlight importer is not installed. Perform the following steps to install it:
      • Locate in the Applications folder or wherever you have installed it, right click on icon and click on Menu "Show Package Contents"
        The content of this hidden folder is displayed in the Finder.
      • Open the folder /Contents/Library/Spotlight/
        You should see a file named "OpenMetaSpotlight.mdimporter".
      • Double click the OpenMetaSpotlight.mdimporter file
        This should activate the OpenMeta Spotlight importer. Check it with the steps described in the next question.
  • Why is the loading of my Safari bookmarks so slow?[+]
    Thouggle uses WebView (Safari) to create the images for your bookmarks. If you have FlashPlayer installed, this slows down the browser startup considerably. Flash and Safari doesn't fit very well.
    Our suggestion is to uninstall Flash or install a very nice plugin called ClickToFlash from Marc Hoyois (available in Safari extensions). This plugin prevents Safari from launching the Flash plug-in and replaces every plug-in object with a placeholder. Clicking this placeholder loads Flash or replace Flash videos with H.264 video (even better quality). Definitely a real good move that improves you're browsing experience in Safari and the loading time of your bookmarks remarkably.
  • When I click on a Thought, not all of the linked documents are displayed, why?[+]
    Probably you have used the filter in the 3D browser. Check, if either the search field has a value set, or a type filter in the filter menu is set (check mark not on 'None').
    Reset the filter to get all documents of the Thought displayed.

    Remark: Unfortunately this is a very common user handling error with a quite irritating result. I will improve that in the next release (reset the filter whenever you click on a different Thought or library)
  • How can I import a folder or library and show it in the sidebar?[+]
    To import media libraries, favorite folders, contact or Safari bookmarks follow the steps below:
    • Open the File -> Import Menu and select the corresponding sub menu to import either a folder, a media library, the AddressBook or the Safari bookmarks.
      The Import dialog sheet opens allowing to select either a Folder, a library, the AddressBook folder or the Safari bookmarks folder. Additionally you can define, if the imported item is added to the sidebar and / or if the personal library or folder structure is imported as Thoughts.
    • Press the Import button to start the import of the selected folder or library.
      The imported item is displayed in the sidebar together with a progress indicator and a Cancel button to interrupt the import at any time.
      If the import is finished, the imported library is removed from the sidebar, if the sidebar flag is not set in the Import dialog.
    To manage media libraries or favorite folders shown in the sidebar follow the steps below:
    • Open the Preferences dialog (⌘ + ,) and click on the 'Advanced' tab.
      The table on this page lists all libraries and folders displayed in the sidebar at the moment.
    • Select a library location in the table.
      The Remove button is enabled.
    • Press the Remove button to remove the selected library in the table. The library is also removed from the sidebar and will not be loaded again when Thouggle is started.
      The table is updated with the new list of managed library locations.
    At the moment only one Safari Bookmarks library is supported. To change the bookmark library do the following:
    • Click on the Reset button.
      The bookmarks disappear in the sidebar.
    • Click on the "Safari bookmarks" item in the sidebar.
      A dialog is presented to you where you can choose a new Safari bookmarks library (if any).
  • How can I share my Thoughts on the internet?[+]
    This feature is only available in Thouggle 1.1 and above.
    Sharing on the internet can be achieved with cloud services. Many different cloud services are available, each of it with its own strength and weakness.

    To make it short,
    iCloud from Apple cannot be used to share Thoughts, because this service is application centered, meaning each application has its own cloud space to save the files. There is no shared space so far.

    Drobbox is the only cloud service I know, that provides shared folders and synchronizes extended file attributes, a prerequisite for Thought sharing. And it's very easy to get ready for sharing:
    • Download Dropbox from the internet.
      See for the newest version of Dropbox.
    • Get a Dropbox account, if you don't have one (it's free for 2GB).
      You will be guided through the necessary steps to open an account.
    • Take the tour to learn more about the features of Dropbox.
      Read about shered folders to understand how to share files with your friends or business partners.
    • Add the Dropbox folder to Thouggle (sidebar).
      See frequently asked question "How can I add a folder to the sidebar?" to get more information about how to do that.
    • Open the Dropbox folder in Thouggle. Add any file in the Dropbox folder to a Thought by drag and drop (copy/paste).
      You see, that the Dropbox starts to synchronize (Icon in the menu bar).
    On another computer that has access to the Dropbox account or any shared folder in your Dropbox, perform the above steps 1 - 4 to get Dropbox running on this computer.
    • Start Thouggle on this computer and refresh the Dropbox with the refresh button.
      Now all Thoughts found in the Dropbox folder are available locally.
    • Add the Thought you have added to the files on the first computer to the sidebar (if not there already).
      The Thought should be available in the autocompletion menu.
    • Click the Thought to see all linked files of it.
      All linked files of the Thought added on the first computer are displayed.
    That's it, explore the Thoughts of your friends, business partner or whoever you share data with.